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  • Wide fridge door sized base
  • WRITE & WIPE print in white
  • Dry wipe pen INCLUDED
  • 1 litre glass bottle
  • 100% recyclable
  • Stainless Steel leak proof lid
  • Stores perfectly in fridge doors
  • Ideal for still liquids
  • Perfect home bottle


This bottle has a write and wipe printed plaque on which you can write the contents of the bottle on and perhaps even an expiry date or the date that the juice or smoothie was made. This design is ideal for those who enjoy juicing and making various smoothies with various fruits etc. With this bottle you will always know what the contents include. When you're finshed just wash the bottle as normal and start over with a blank board. The dry wipe black marker comes with the bottle but any colour dry wipe marker can be used on the bottle.

It is ideal for the health conscious consumer who enjoys great tasting beverages. There are no harmful toxins which some plastic bottles contain. This multi-purpose glass bottle is ideal for keeping great tasting water, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, milk or even flavoured milk drinks. What ever is stored, it is certain that it will taste exactly the way it was intended to, fresh, cool and delicious.

It is designed to fit perfectly in the fridge door and has a wide base and low centre of gravity so that it does not fall over when the fridge door is swung open.

Each bottle is fitted with a classic stainless steel, leak-proof, twist off lid, which has a subtle plastic white trim.

Glass does not deteriorate, corrode, stain or fade, so this bottle will retain its good looks for a long time. Glass is also inert and free of contaminants which make it a safe and healthy choice for you and the environment.

This bottle will definitely get people talking around the water fountain at work. It's functional and great looking; you'll be the envy of your friends.


The grip and go glass bottle can be washed in the dishwasher. The classic stainless lid should be washed by hand.


1.0L Fridge Bottle Information

Bottle Size:
Height: 250mm 
Diameter: 100mm 
Weight: 630g 
Volume: 1000ml
Neck Diameter: 28mm

Bottle: Glass 
Rings: Silicone 
Classic Stainless Lid: Stainless Steel & Polypropylene (Plastic #5)
Modern Clear Lid: Polystyrene (Plastic #6)
Seal: Silicone (Food grade)

Other information:
The glass bottle and silicone sleeve are dishwasher safe. 
We would prefer that you wash the lids by hand. 
Do not place the bottle in the freezer. 
Do not store anything that is non-edible or poisonous.