Frequently Asked Questions

Are your glass bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes, all our range can be washed in a dishwasher but without the lids. Please don’t put the lids into the dishwasher as the seals can come out and get stuck in the dishwasher. It is also recommended, by the manufacturer, to remove the silicone sleeves or rings when using a dishwasher, however we don’t and ours are fine.

What kind of glass is used to make your bottles?

The glass is soda lime glass. It is a glass used in most jars and storage bottles. Our bottles are made slightly thicker to withstand knocks and bumps.

Should I store the bottle with the lid on or off the bottle?

Take care to dry the bottle inside and store the lid loosely on top without sealing it so as to allow the bottle to breathe. This will reduce the chances of condensation. Leaving the lids loosely screwed on, will also reduce the chances of the lid being misplaced or mismatched. 

If you are like most of our customers, you’ll love your bottle so much, you won’t be storing it.

Can I put a bottle into the freezer?

The simple answer is, “No!” When water freezes it expands. Because our bottles are made of solid glass they can’t expand with the water and may crack under the pressure. The good news is that empty bottles with their lids off can be put in the freezer provided the glass is not hot when being placed in the freezer. Remember the basic general rule, the extremities are not good for glass.

We recommend refrigeration only.

Can I put boiling water into a bottle?

Yes you can pour boiling water into the bottles, provided the bottle has not come from a fridge. Some parents choose to store cool boiled water in them as they are so easy to sterilise and keep clean. A handy tip is that the water can be used to fill baby bottles when they are out and about.

We recommend leaving the lid on without completely sealing it until it has cooled slightly.

Will your bottles break if dropped?

Yes, they are made of glass and so they can break. However, they are made thicker than most bottles so they are more durable than most. We have performed a number of drop tests and the results were extremely positive.

It is important to remember that glass, is by nature, a breakable product, so should always be treated with love and care.

Are the silicone sleeves and rings removable from the bottle?

Yes, these can be removed and put back on quite easily. We have found that wetting it with a little soapy water and rolling it off works best. We do this every month or so to give the bottle a good clean.

Is there any plastic in your bottles?

The bottles themselves are made of solid glass. However the lid does have a plastic trim which is melded into the stainless steel.  The plastic plays a fundamental part in ensuring the bottle is leak-proof by holding the silicone seal in place and giving the lid strength. The plastic in the lid is polypropylene (plastic #5)  and makes up around 2% of a bottle’s construction and is 100% BPA free.

The new modern clear lids are made of a BPA free polystyrene plastic (plastic #6) with a silicone stopper. This means that the contents of the bottle do not come in contact with any plastic.

What are the benefits of using glass bottles?

Apart from drinks tasting far nicer when drinking out of glass, we know that glass is safe and naturally chemical free. More test and experiments regarding the risks of plastic packaging is being performed annually. We know that some plastic bottles leach chemicals such as Phthalates and Bisphenol-A, commonly known as BPA, but we don’t know yet exactly what these chemicals are doing to us or our children.

Using glass bottles is kinder to you and our environment as they are 100% recyclable as well as being BPA-free.

Are glass bottles heavy?

Our bottles are slightly built solidly to avoid breakage. This does result in a slightly heavier bottle but with their great ergonomic designs, the additional weight actually feels good. One does get used to the weight very quickly, so use it 3 or 4 times and you won’t notice the weight any longer.

The weights of our bottles are:

350ml Curvy – 275 grams
500ml Grip & Go – 400 grams
1000ml Fridge Bottle – 630 grams
1000ml Grip & Go – 750 grams

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